Kamene tackles pregnancy claims head-on

The Kiss presenter even revealed her contraceptive information

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The pregnancy speculation is because she is missing on air.

• The celeb is no stranger to shutting down rumors when it comes to her private life.

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro
Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro

Fans of Kamene Goro are engaged in a guessing game over the Kiss FM presenter, and it all has to do with supposed pregnancy claims.

On Wednesday, December 28th, Kamene has clapped back amid pregnancy rumors.

In a Q&A with fans, Kamene told fans to ask her any question they wanted.

"I miss you...twins wakuje sasa," one fan told her as she responded to the query.

"I miss you too best friend !!!tunakungojea mombasa, twins ongea na rafiko wako," she responded.

Does rafiki refer to Deejay Bonez 254 whom she is engaged to? Coincidentally she was asked if he is a shem shem. Kamen replied "Shem shem ni gani?" she replied.

She also told another fan who wanted to know who her celebrity crush was and she indicated that it was "DeejayBonez254".

The sassy presenter has been facing speculation since missing on air a couple of days over the past few months. Kamene has confirmed that the rumours aren't in fact true.

In fact, she has stated that she is on birth control after a question from another fan.

"Are you using family planning? Which works for you?"

Kamene said; "Yes I'm on the copper T," as she gave out her contraception information.

A third fan outright asked, "Are you pregnant?"  to which she clearly stated; "No I'm not"

kamene goro pregnant
kamene goro pregnant
kamen pregnant query
kamen pregnant query

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