Shorn Arwa responds to allegations she married her Nigerian hubby for his money

Shorn Arwa has asked people to stop glorifying poverty.

• Shorn Arwa says she is loving living between Kenya and Nigeria.

• She has never revealed the gender of the baby.

The content creator has showed up with a much thicker body
Shorn Arwa The content creator has showed up with a much thicker body
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa has revealed how she met her Nigerian husband.

According to the new mum, she met her bae during a past trip to Dubai. After knowing him for six months she flew to Nigeria to meet the love of her life.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, she shared;

"I like keeping my issues private.

So when I would refer to him as my 'Nigerian boyfriend' he was not. I met him during a trip to Dubai and we interacted for almost two days.

It was love at first sight, he was very calm and very collected so I knew he was the one."

Did she marry him because of his money?

"I have dated both rich and poor men and I can tell you rich is better.

There are days when I was feeling low and he would pay. 

Most broke boys date you until they are able to afford their type. Let us not glorify poverty.

If you find someone who has money and both of you are willing, why not. Love will come on the way.

Arwa recently made the news of her being a new mum public.

She hid the pregnancy for the entire nine months. Her child is now almost six months.

She said she did so to enjoy her pregnancy and time with her newborn.

"I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy without feeling the pressure. I wanted to feel and enjoy every inch of it.

"Plus everything done in private is better. There are so many events that I could not attend.

"I always gave excuses. I can always recover everything."

Arwa said that she has enjoyed the entire pregnancy.

"My baby is almost eating.

I had to forego so many things, I could not hang out with some friends or family members.

I was away from my hubby for 6 months while pregnant. Things became easier once he came and picked me up,".

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