Why Amber Ray has praised Rapudo's baby mama

As the year comes to an end, the socialite has a few last words for 2022

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She has opened up about moving in with Rapudo.

• Amber is also revealing if she will get more kids.

amber ray december 25 family portrait
amber ray december 25 family portrait

Amber Ray is loving her beautiful blended family since moving in with her fiance. The socialite and her lover Kennedy Rapudo have been sharing their moments together ever since they moved in together.

That included several family portraits for the festive season in their new home.

She opened;

"Bright families are just like bright colours: When you blend two, you get something beautiful! Merry Christmas 🎁 🎄 to your family from me and mine."

Since moving in Amber hasn't shown much of her new home. She explained this to a curious fan on Tuesday, December 28.

A fan wanted to know if she would do the usual take us through her new home moment.

"Will you do a house tour?" the fan posed to which Amber strongly responded, "NOPE".

Another fan wanted to know if she will have more children. Amber already has one child, a boy named Gavin.

"Will you get pregnant for Rapudo...asking with a good heart." Amber replied, "Waiting on God's time," Amber said with heart emojis.

The socialite also addressed the issue of moving in quickly with her man, after a query about the possibility of being dumped again.

"Why did you agree to move in together, huoni kaa utatemwa nje someday?"

Previously, Amber would have been upset at such a question, but she responded nicely. "My dear, I only live for now if a day comes where nitatemwa nitatemeke tu na life iendelee."

amberr ay and family posing in their new home
amberr ay and family posing in their new home

Amber has also spoken of handling a lot in he life now with the changes in a blended family and is learning how to balance it all. 

Her relationship with her bonus daughter has also been delightful,s something she spoke of praising Rapudo's ex-wife for the good job she had done.

"Oh she is such a beautiful and mature young lady, it has been so easy to relate to her I thank her mother for raising her right."

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