Amber Ray takes shots at Amira after visiting former home

The socialite was in her former neighborhood for Christmas

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Amber Ray moved out in 2021.

• She cited security reasons for leaving Syokimau.

Amber Ray wearing her stunning dress.
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray was in Syokimau for Christmas day celebrations. The mother of one told her online family that she would spend the day with her parents who live in Syokimau, her former home.

However, Syokimau holds bitter memories for Amber as she penned her thoughts.

"Nakumbuka akiwadanganya nimefukuzwa huku, saa hii yeye ndio hawezi kanyaga huku tena kafukuzwa kama mbwa." 

Amber added as she drove along the driveway that "being petty is life".

Amber was kicked out of that house in 2021 following a bitter feud with her then-husband Jimal Roho Safi and his first wife Amira.

Amber and Amira lived in different houses in the same estate. The two had a bitter encounter one night when Amira allegedly dropped a bird at Amber's doorstep, with the socialite accusing Amira of being a witch.

The two women and their friends held a shouting match and the tension in the estate was loud!

Amira told Jimal that he disrespected her as Amber challenged Amira to a fistfight. She called her many unprintable names and accused her of using gangs to attack her physically. 

The polygamous situation was not working out with tension marking the marriage between the three.

Amber packed her household items and moved out. She revealed that her mother is now living in that house.

So for Amber to return to Syokimau for Christmas was a moment to recall her marriage and the fights that ended in a divorce. Amira also moved out and announced her split from Jimal as well.

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