'Punguza Drama' Sonko advises Karen Nyamu to ditch Samidoh

Nyamu is Samidoh's baby mama.

• One video shows Nyamu on stage trying to sing while the security stopped her.

• In another video, Nyamu is seen being walked out by security after almost having a physical altercation with Edday.

Mugithi star Samidoh, his wife Edday and Nominated senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has advised Karen Nyamu to focus on politics and avoid unnecessary drama at all costs. 

This was after her altercation video during Samidoh's event in Dubai went viral.

Sonko says;

"Karen my Sister you have a very bright political future. I know you as a strong bright woman even b4 you met this karao wa Mugithi. 

Hebu punguza hizi drama kidogo wacha kufinywa finywa na kuzaa ovyo ovyo kama paka bila mpangilio alafu unafuata baby Dady hats akiwa na wife."

Sonko advised that Nyamu should relax as there are many shticks in the sea.

"UDA left out so many loyalists who wanted to be nominated waheshimiwas and just favoured you for the position. Kindly focus na job na Mungu atakupa chali ako na stick kushinda ya huyo karao wa mugithii na hu o Mbape."

In trending videos, one video shows Nyamu on stage trying to sing as security intervenes to stop her. In another video, Nyamu is seen being walked out by security after almost having a physical altercation with Edday.

The video also shows that Samidoh walked away with his wife as Nyamu was allegedly being thrown out by bouncers.

The morning after, Nyamu vowed to stop drinking alcohol.

"What went on yesterday? I woke up and found I'd been tagged on social media. You guys don't sleep? Alcohol is not soup. I have stopped drinking alcohol, I'm not drinking it anymore."

After carefully thinking about the situation, Nyamu took to social media to declare herself single, saying she had cut ties with Samidoh.

"Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping the pattern. I have made a conscious decision to end for good my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex-Samidoh Muchoki."

"I could have called Samidoh and ended it quietly but I made it a drama. This has become a concern since I am a member of the senate...I have no regrets but I promise that's the last time I will be involved in such a situation."

I don't wish I did things any differently. I however promise you that it is the last time your girl will ever be involved in situations like that ever again."

Adding that she was fortunate to be bestowed the honour and responsibility of leadership in the country.

"To be a people's representative in parliament is an opportunity I treasure and take very seriously."

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