Vera Sidika explains how she has managed to hide second pregnancy

Vera says she is seven months pregnant today

• Vera Sidika has today announced to her fans that she is expecting her second child.

• Vera said she wanted to announce to the public once she was ready.

Vera Sidika.
Image: Instagram

Socialite Vera Sidika has today announced to her fans that she is expecting her second child.

Through her social media platforms, the mother of one said they discovered they were expecting another child when they were four months already.

Although fans have been speculating she was expecting a child, Vera said she managed to hide it from her social media in-laws.

Explaining further, Vera said it was not easy to keep on wearing baggy clothes.

"Baby number two is on the way. Super blessed. We found out at four and a half months imagine. God had plans for our family to grow bigger and we are so excited. Yes, y'all guessed right. I have been pregnant. been hiding it for months. it has not been easy aki, wearing big fur coats to my events.

Vera's firstborn child turned one year in October this year.

Vera said she wanted to announce it to the public once she was ready.

"Today, we are seven months pregnant and super grateful to God for this miracle."

Her husband Mauzo also took to his socials to celebrate Vera's pregnancy and the addition of a new member to their family.

"What a blessing!!! Baby no. 2 is on the way 🤰❤️As we approach another milestone in our marriage, all I want to say is thank you for being the best wife and mother. You are a gift from the universe, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you my wife @queenveebosset 🎊"

Weeks ago Vera during a Q and A segment with her fans denied claims that she is pregnant.

This was after being spotted on many occasions hiding her tummy.

 Her fan later retracted her statement if it was gaining weight she had to get done with excess body weight, with Vera saying,

"I'm actually working on it aki. When you have a baby, your body is never the same 100%. It takes a bit of time."

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