'There's another one,' Zuchu reveals after Diamond's Sh5million necklace gift

The singer has thanked Chibu for the sh 5 million necklace

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Zuchu says there is another expensive necklace almost similar.

• Diamond and Zuchu love to gift one another.

zuchu dispalys expensive necklace
zuchu dispalys expensive necklace

The gifts Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu get for one another are always on point. The WCB singers always get the rarest of gifts for one another and to prove it, Simba's latest offering for his bae may be the best yet.

About nine days ago, Diamond showed off a massive neckpiece he bought for his lover,  Zuchu.

The diamond necklace had her name customized on it with three ruby hearts holding together the name.

The sh 4.9 million neckpiece was shared by Diamond on his Instagram stories on Thursday, December 8, where he revealed how much he paid for it.

Zuchu on Friday, December 16 took to her Instagram to give him massive kisses for the gorgeous gift.

She wore the neckpiece as she appeared on camera to accept her kiss. "Thank you I love it" as she faced him lovingly.

Zuchu also added that; "And there's another one with my face."

Diamond and Zuchu have been shy about their romance but only came out in November. Since the confession, they have been serving couple goals when it comes to gift-giving because the pair loves to spoil each other with presents we can only dream of affording.

In October, Zuchu took to social media to show the gold chain she bought for her WCB boss. Later Zuchu shared photos of the chain with the caption; “A little gift for my boss, hero."

It took at least two months to design and customize the chain. The chain made of pure gold has the image of Chibu Dangote's face.

The words; "You will always be my hero,” were engraved on the pendant. Upon receiving the gift, Diamond kissed his signee on the lips saying, 'Thank you, You will remain at the top," he said.

Zuchu on her Instagram video showed off the sh1.5 million gold chain.

He turned 32 on October 2nd, 2022. The new chain gift had Chibu Dangote's face on it decorated with pure gold.

Looking though his Instagram one can see that neck and hand pieces including rings are his favourite.

Diamond is known for shopping worldwide for his impressive jewelry collection, and his fiancée loves his style so much she has been adding to his collection. Nothing is too expensive for her boss.

in July 2022, Diamond got Zuchu custom-made grillz. “Here is to better smiles. Iced out. THANK YOU @diamondplatnumz,” she wrote at the time.

The 18-carat gold gift had her initial, and she had to show it off on social media.

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