'No wife should be undermined!' Stephen Letoo warns Samidoh

The Citizen Tv journalist says a man must tame his wives to ensure harmonious co-existence

Piece by: Manny Anyango

• "They were married differently, every wife must therefore know her time to avoid embarrassments and public nuisance," he said. 

• The self-proclaimed president of polygamy association in Africa said Samido should treat both wives equally. 

Stephn Letoo.
Image: Instagram

Media personality Stephen Letoo has condemned the drama that ensued between Mugithi star Samidoh((born Samuel Muchoki), his wife Edday Nderitu and mistress, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu in Dubai. 

"The polygamy association notes with bitterness the manner in which our member is not taming his wives. He should ensure harmonious co-existence and respect between the two wives."

The self-proclaimed president of the polygamy association in Africa said Samidoh should treat both wives equally. 

"No wife should be undermined. If he goes with Wife A (Edday) to Dubai let him take Wife B (Karen) to the Maldives, failure to which the consequences should be better imagined than felt," he said. 

In a seven-point thread advice, Letoo added that every wife must know her time, to avoid such embarrassment.  

"They were married differently, every wife must therefore know her time to avoid embarrassments and public nuisance that exposes the polygamy fraternity in bad light," he said. 

"Finally and most importantly, the drama in Dubai has left us with no option but to tell our member Samidoh to immediately add a third wife into the family to neutralise the growing tension that risks bringing down his respected empire."

The two women almost attacked each other during Samidoh's Mugiithi show. The drama started when Nyamu went straight to where Samidoh was seated and forcefully sat on his lap.

Edday, stood from where she was seated and grabbed her husband's hand even as the security guards tried to separate the two women.

A video circulating online shows Nyamu and Samidoh in a confrontation. And minutes later, Nyamu is said to have lost her cool and almost slapped her baby daddy when his bouncers intervened.

Edday stood up and tried to grab Nyamu away from her husband before Nyamu was taken away by the guards.

This marked the climax of the drama around Samidoh.

In yet another video posted on social media, Nyamu is seen performing on stage with Samidoh and Akorino singer Karangu.

Edday shared through her social media a photo with her husband saying she was ending the year on a high note.

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