'My dad had 5 wives!' Joyce Gituro blasts Samidoh after Dubai drama

The singer has been involved in drama between his two wives

• Samidoh was performing in Dubai with Karen Nyamu also going to the Emirate.

• The performance devolved into a dramatic sight with both women staking their claim on the singer.

Joyce Gituro with her late dad.
Image: Instagram

In case you missed it, nominated senator Karen Nyamu caused a ruckus early this morning during Samidoh's show in Dubai.

The mom of three trended after her antics in a club that Samidoh was performing in that ended with her being kicked out.

Radio personality Joyce Gituro has now come out to criticise the Mugiithi singer over the way he has handled his two wives.

In a post she made on her social media, Joyce defended her point of view by stating that her own dad had 5 wives yet things flowed well in their extended family.

Her caption is below;

"My Dad had FIVE wives, we lived like a family, because he was firm. My young brother @samidoh_muchoki STOP subjecting your wife to this kind of drama! Happy Sabbath my people."

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Her post attracted a lot of responses from Kenyans with many agreeing with her point of view.  Read some comments of those comments below;

sirmmie_gitobu Men remain the prize

simply_vincent Samidoh anapiganiwa kama human rights bana😂

wamboiwamurageCucunite your aXerox copy of your dad❤️❤️❤️

gitongalydiahMy guka had 2 and even if he is dead ahh you should see all his kids together regardless ulikua wa bibi mgani...very happy family.

nkathamajauKuna bibi samidoh hawezani naye hata ajaribu aje

makondieg Unafanana na dad sana

joynebsHe should respect that lady and let her side chick respect the woman she knew was there1 h1 likeReply

omari_sammyWow enyewe to manage all of them enyewe he must have been very firm🙌🙌🙌8 mReply

missmuchai@joycegituro yeah he should settle this drama but again we ladies need to respect ourselves and stop fighting for men 😢😢😢

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