Rumour that Diamond and manager Sallam SK have parted ways gains steam

Sallam has been Diamonds long time manager

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Incessant rumors that the two have parted ways have saddened netizens.

• The two have not been seen together for a while.

Diamond Platnumz with Sallam Sk.
Image: Instagram

Incessant rumours that Sallam SK and Diamond Platnumz are no longer working together have gone viral.

The allegations are that Sallam SK no longer accompanies Diamond Platnumz on his tours, and has not shared any information about Simba as he was known to do.

Industry players in Tanzania are saying there has been tension between the two, leading to a fallout.

Bongo 5 a leading blog has told that; "Kama kweli ni manager why hasn't he accompanied Diamond to his latest shows? Instead he has gone to a show for Harmonize, who has beef with Diamond. Connect the dots," they added.

The rumours have been made worse because Sallam was recently spotted at Harmonize's show, yet the two were not getting along.

SK has always said that Harmonize always tried to demonize other WCB signees, pointing out that Rayvanny was mostly in his crosshairs.

Harmonize linked up with Sallam SK on December 11 at Kendra Rocks, Zanzibar. They hugged and laughed about some private joke.

Diamond Platnumz with Sallam Sk.
Image: Instagram

Diamond has over the month of October and November been to many tours yet Sallam has not posted or spoken out.

It is also alleged that Diamond now has a Nigerian manager which could have led to tension about such a decision.

"If Diamond now has a Nigerian manager, an international manager, what exactly is Sallam's job?"

They also posed the question of why Sallam has not been travelling with Diamond. "Over the last few months have you seen Sallam with Diamond, yet the two were so close?" 

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