Churchill reacts to woman looking for a man she played hard to get

Why do men give up so quick?

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• Just how much is too much playing hard to get?

• See viral tweet of  a woman who is looking for 'the love of her life' after playing hard to get

viral tweet

Mwalimu Churchill reacted to a viral tweet of a woman looking for a guy she met during one of his shows after he lost interest when the girl played hard to get.

The Churchill show host has asked people to help the woman get 'the love of her life' back;

"She needs our help…" the comedian tweeted.

See his tweet below:

Here are some reactions to churchil's plea:

VICEROYMimi nilianza 2017 na bado sijagive up, nimekula blocks kama mbao hivi but am still moving on. It's called consistency!

Kyles BolivarMkiheartbreak wanaume wanakua ovyo,to a point hawaeziforce mapenzi tena, they're simple to ask, do you love me ? If not they quit before they can appear desperate

GilbertMatthewIt's only boys who simp, men know what they want.... They ask and when you hesitate.... There is vast market for the same

Ngwes★Genuine desires should never be negotiated,why would someone say NO with an intention of saying YES later?

Lawrence RaulUkienda kwa hoteli uitishe ugali fish uskie hawana si unaenda hoteli ingine you won't sit there begging them to cook for you.

A screenshot of the viral tweet trended of the woman looking for the man she played hard to get because as she claims she wanted the man to put more effort.

"Because i expected him to put some more effort,"

According to the woman, the two met at Churchil Show, then the guy kept pursuing her but she played had to get.

In the tweet the woman wondered why men give up so quick during the talking stage. 

Here are a few of the responses she got:

Ce'CilHe gave up cause you didn't go on the time go for another girl probably smelling his nice scent. See how playing hard to get foolish?

Kevin@kago_ngugiLemme get this straight you met a guy who was your type but you still made it hard for him ,,,I'm giving up on women I swear

Robinson MainaThat's when you Lost Your Chance, you would have shown him you have interest even though you're ready to meet him

Just how much is too much playing hard to get?

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