Koome appoints new acting DIG as Mbugua takes a sick leave

Mbugua has been in and out of hospital since November 11, 2022 when he collapsed in his office.


• Mbugua’s term in office was extended in November 2019 for four years.

• Mbugua is one of the two senior most officers in the National Police Service and is set to retire next year in July.

Japhet Koome sworn in as the new Inspector General of Police

Inspector General of police Japhet Koome has appointed Miriam Muli as the new acting Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Kenya Police.

The appointment comes at a time the current DIG Edward Mbugua is proceeding on a sick leave. 

Mbugua is one of the two senior most officers in the National Police Service and is set to retire next year in July.

The move to name Muli to the position in acting capacity follows news that Mbugua was taken ill almost a month ago.

Sources said Mbugua's illness had crippled most police operations at the critical service hence the new move pending recruitment and naming of a substantive holder of the position in case for the need of the same.

Mbugua has been in and out of hospital since November 11, 2022 when he collapsed in his office.

He is said to have also separately been taken ill at the Office of the President Harambee House during a meeting with Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and at State House in front of President William Ruto.

Those close to Mbugua said he is managing the issue well and is stable now.

“He has been coming to office but shortly. Like on Tuesday December 6 he came to office but at his usual hours,” said an official who is aware of the issue.

Koome made the appointment in a letter to Muli on Tuesday before he left for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a regional meeting.

Mbugua's illness has triggered battle and lobbying for the position.

Dozens of senior police officers are salivating over the office, as it was the topmost available position for the next four years.

Mbugua’s term in office was extended in November 2019 for four years.

This was after he had attained his retirement age.

This means he is supposed to leave office next year in November.

Police authorities describe Mbugua as one of the best officers who had served with diligence and dedication.

The National Police Service Act says the President can redeploy the DIG before he or she attains the age of retirement.

“The President may remove, retire or redeploy a Deputy Inspector-General at any time before he attains the age of retirement,” reads part of the Act.

The functions of the DIG in Kenya are crucial for the command of the National Police Service.

Article 245 of the Constitution provides for two positions of Inspector General to head the Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service.

The President should appoint each Deputy Inspector General of Police with the recommendation of the National Police Service Commission.

The DIG Kenya Police Service should subject to the direction, command and control of the Inspector-General—be responsible for the effective and efficient day-to-day administration and operations of the Kenya Police Service.

He should also implement policies and directions of NPS in relation to the Kenya Police Service, prepare the budget, planning and provision of support for the service.

He should also establish and maintain police stations, outposts, units or unit bases in the counties and determine the boundaries of the police stations, outposts or unit bases.

Moreover, he should establish a facility in each police station for receiving, recording and reporting of complaints from members of the public.

The DIG should manage, monitor and evaluate KPS, undertake the supervision of the service, co-ordinate training in KPS, provide internal oversight of the service.

Other duties are to establish and maintain a relationship between the Kenya Police Service and the community and improve transparency and accountability in the Kenya Police Service.

He should co-operate and engage in joint security operations with the Deputy Inspector General in charge of the Administration Police Service, other government departments or other security organs to ensure the safety and security of the public.

He should implement the decisions of the Inspector General, issue general, special, routine and standing orders in respect of the Kenya Police Service; and perform such other duties as the Inspector General may assign, or as the National Police Service Act or by any other written law may prescribe.

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