Pastor Ng’ang’a shocked at Kanyari's weight after meeting him

Victor considers Ng'ang'a to be a spiritual father

• Ng'ang'a also addressed the state of Kanyari's relationship.

• Bayo herself has moved on and is now in a serious relationship.

Pastor Victor Kanyari with Pastor James Ng'ang'a.
Image: Courtesy

This weekend, Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a (as is his norm) candidly gave another man of God a piece of his mind.

And who is the man of God? Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari who had attended Pastor Ng’ang’a’s mega Crusade at the Soweto Jacaranda grounds.

Ng'ang'a himself who isn't a stranger to controversy told Kanyari to get another woman. (Let's not forget that the father of two broke up with his ex-wife, singer Betty Bayo, about six years ago)

The 70-year-old man of the cloth had noticed that Kanyari was in the crowd while speaking about the importance of honesty.

Ng'ang'a giggled in light before expressing his surprise that such a heavyweight had attended his crusade and invited him to the pulpit to greet the congregation.

But that wasn't all he said, he was also shocked at how much Victor had physically changed since he last saw him.

“Kwani Kanyari uko hapa? Hii Crusade imekujwa. Prophet, come and say hey to me, na weight mzee, weight. (Oh, Kanyari you are here? Indeed this crusade has been attended well. Prophet, come and say hey to me, and weight man! Weight!).”

Pastor Victor Kanyari.
Image: Instagram

Now that they had greeted each other, Ng'ang'a went on to urge the 310 pastor to get another wife.

“I was telling you, si bibi alienda? (Didn’t your wife leave?) There is another one.”

Kanyari was gracious in his response saying he had come to the event since Pastor Ng’ang’a was like his spiritual dad.

To prove the extent of their relationship, Ng'ang'a then revealed that he had even corrected Kanyari when he came to his church a while back.

“Two wrongs can never make a right. When I came to Nairobi I was preaching at Pastor Kanyari’s church in Kawangware. I noticed some things were not right and I told him.”

Speaking to Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi in October this year, Kanyari said he is not in a hurry to date someone but willing to be hooked up with an interested 'good' woman.

"I am still very single. Sijapata mtu. I will be happy if Mpasho finds me a good girl to marry. There are good women out here but I have not decided on which one yet," he said. 

Asked to describe the qualities he is looking for in a woman, Pastor Kanyari said he does not look at appearance but will ask God to guide him in selecting.

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