Chito Ndhlovu regrets not shooting shots at Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto is a mother of one.

• It is not clear who Charlene Ruto is currently dating.

Charlene's Ruto. She was in the same class with Kiss 100 host Chito Ndhlovu.
Charlene Ruto Charlene's Ruto. She was in the same class with Kiss 100 host Chito Ndhlovu.
Image: Twitter

Kiss 100 host Chito Ndlovu is a disappointed man.

Back in the day, he was classmates with his first daughter Charlene Ruto. He says at the time he did not know she would end up being the President's daughter.

Sharing his experience with Oga Obinna during the Morning Kiss, he shared

"Charlene Ruto was my classmate but by then the Lord had not opened my eyes. We used to talk and vibe but not in a romantic way."

 Obinna was disappointed in Chito for not shooting his shot.

"So I am suffering because of you? My life would have been better if you opened your mouth.

Right now we would be sleeping at Weston hotel."

Charlene Ruto who is the Director of PR and Branding at Weston Hotel Nairobi welcomed a baby in 2021.

She has recently been trending on Twitter over what many terms as working.

The first daughter has been playing some major roles in the government by acting as a representative of the government of official duties outside the country.

She has been nicknamed 'Quick mart Ivanka' after she was spotted shopping at the local store Quick mart with her bodyguards in tow.

Ivanka is the daughter to former US President Donald Trump.

 She is known for always wanting to look busy.

Have you ever lost a chance to date someone who turned out to be famous?

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