'Pozze is not my man' Jovial denies dating Willy Paul

Jovial confirms dating rumors with Willy Paul.

Piece by: Shakila mohammed

• The "kunguru" hitmaker said that shes only a friend to willy Paul.

• Jovial confirms that shes not dating Willy Paul. All that was a showbiz that they both benefited from.

Take a Photoshop together before releasing their song Lalala
Jovial and Willy Paul Take a Photoshop together before releasing their song Lalala
Image: Instagram

Kenyan bongo hitmaker, Jovial, confirmed yesterday that she was not dating Willy Paul and stressed that everything that transpired before was all nothing but showbiz.

The "kunguru" hitmaker said that she's only a friend to willy Paul.

She stated;

"Okay, I'm done. Poze is not my man. He is my friend, it was business and we both benefited from it. Now back to reality! I'm a suffocating woman,Nimeshindwa kuvumilia .Mungu anisaidie kwa yatakayo fwata Mayoo."

Six days ago, Kenyan artists Willy Paul and Jovial, clapped back at online haters who were criticizing their relationship.

Their fans had before speculated the relationship to be fake or that they were no longer together.

 All that online war came after a fan took to his Instagram page complaining how Willy Paul had used Jovial and then trashed her in murife style.

"Willy Paul aliuma miauss kisha aka enda kimurife," wrote the Instagram user identified as Ian.

Jovial replied to the comment and jeered netizens to continue with their stupid thoughts claiming that every village must have a fool. 

She wrote;

"Endelea kuwa mjinga wa jamii!"

 Her reply was only to indicate that there was still an item and either way they were not intimate. 

Willy Paul, how who is known for not mincing his words quipped in the matter to dispel any negative thoughts that people might have regarding his relationship with Jovial.

Responding to Jovial's comment, the "Lalala" hitmaker wrote.

"Babe mwambie bado niko na hatuachani anytime soon (tell him I'm still around and we're not breaking up any time soon) "

Willy Paul has not yet responded to Jovials' split beans.

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