Octopizzo explains his beef with Diamond Platnumz

Diamond runs many businesses in Tanzania

•Octopizzo likes what Diamond is doing for his people

• Octo said all artistes should touch lives

Octopizzo and Diamond
Octopizzo and Diamond

Rapper Octopizzo has encouraged established artistes to ensure they support the society by empowering others.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi, Octo explained that he does not like every aspect about Diamond.

However, he lauded him for creating job opportunities to young people.

He said although he does not like some of his music, he likes him in terms of business and what he is doing for his people.

"I am a fan of good music and I am not the person who look at one spectrum of a person," he said.

The platforms and job creations Diamond has created is something that should be appreciated. This is what being an artiste should be."

Octopizzo said music could last for one month and it is gone but people will remember him for what he did for them.

"Diamond is feeding generation and that is why I appreciate him. I also do it but with my foundation which is about feeding the community."

A while ago, Octopizzo took to Twitter to lash out at Kenyans for overwhelmingly supporting Diamond at the expense of Kenyan artistes like Otile Brown.

His remarks were in regard to the attention that Kenyans had accorded Diamond’s song 'Waah', while Otile, who also released a new song ‘Jamila’ featuring Reekado Banks, had not gotten much attention.

Octopizzo also called out local artiste who use clout to push their projects.

According to Octopizzo, such artists are hungry for attention and are poor.

He said he does music to make money and he would quit if he got something else to do and make money.

Octopizzo said clout works for some people but it doesn't work for the successful artists.

"I don't do clout and yet my music is the most listened to music," he said.

Octopizzo said any artists chasing clout is hungry for attention or they are poor.

"I am in the music industry to make money. If right now I get something else to do and make my money, I quit music and do it for fan. The clout does not help me. I am a superstar but do you see me walking with body guards?"

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