• The star broke up with her bae and went public about it

• She has been dealing with heartbreak in different ways

cartoon comedian self care after breakup
cartoon comedian self care after breakup

In September, Cartoon Comedian said that she had been cheated on. Since then she has been dealing with heartbreak and her latest message tells us how she has been inspiring herself.

A motivational quote reads

"The most important person in your life should be YOU. No one cares more about you than you do. Your family members mean well, but people naturally only care about themselves. Even friends often forget about you once they become busy with other priorities. Only you can ensure that you’ve taken good care of. Make sure that you put yourself first."

She added that self-care didn't mean that one should be selfish.

"Does that mean you should be selfish? Of course not. Selfishness leads to unhappiness. Instead, you should set aside time each week to spend quality time with yourself. Take an hour off from work and relax. Do whatever you like best. Just make sure that you treat yourself better than any friend would."

Cartoon Comedian.
Image: Instagram

A few weeks ago, the 'Unaniaffect' comedian had spoken about how she thought she could easily deal with character development, until she experienced it.

"I've been hurting kidogo after my love break up scenario. I thought I'm a taliban kumbe me ni baby girl. I'll be back after nimepona."

She then hinted that her partner had been cheating on her in her Instagram post, adding, "Mbona unacheat." (Why are you cheating) 

She even released a song called 'Mbona unacheat'.

The man who supposedly cheated spoke up about the allegations during an interview with Mungai Eve.

The actor who featured in skits as Cartoon's boyfriend shared,

"I did not cheat on Cartoon nor have I cheated on anyone. How can I cheat when I am single?"

He however said that he wouldn't mind dating Cartoon as she is a nice woman.

"There was chemistry between us but we have never dated. I met her through a friend of mine who happens to know Cartoon. I was out of town for two weeks and when I came back she had posted about the heartbreak.

People were calling me names, so I had to go to her socials and see what the post was about. I am not the one who hurt her."

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