How relationship made Muthoni Mukiri seek help

She dated a toxic man for two years

• Muthoni Mukiri has recounted how staying in a toxic relationship drained her mentally.

• She was forced to go for therapy to seek help.

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Muthoni wa Mukiri posing for a photo
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Former Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Mukiri has recounted how staying in a toxic relationship drained her mentally.

Speaking to 'Mwikali Talks' on YouTube, the now relationship coach said she faked her smile at some point in her TV days.

"It was beautiful being a prime-time presenter but at some point, I went through a difficult phase in my life, a toxic relationship, I found myself in a difficult situation and I even had to seek help," she said.

Muthoni said she went for therapy counseling and started reading books and educating herself on emotions on mental issues.

Muthoni added that she also realized that most women go through the same but they do not know what to do since the information is not out here.

"No one taught me how to handle emotions and stand up for ourselves. Getting to a place you have to own your space."

Muthoni added that she dated a narcissist for like two years and after things went south, she didn't know some things.

"I was so broken and lost. Narcissists make you addicted to them. I went for therapy. I thought I was okay, but I got to a point I was not okay."

She recounted crying during the first session since she felt as though she was dumped.

"I dumped him and he did not follow me. So I felt like he was the one who left. He did not apologize for the mistakes that made me dump him," she said.

On moving on, Mukiri said people should take time to heal.

"Kuoga and kurudi soko is not as easy as people put it. You need time to heal before going to your next relationship. You also have to let go of the version of you who dated that toxic person before moving to your next relationship."

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