Muthoni wa Mukiri's reason for girls-only 30th birthday party

The former media personality says turning 30 shouldn't be a pressure

• For her 30th, Muthoni had a girls-only party.

• The ex Inooro tv  personality explains her cute reason for this.

former inooro presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri
Muthoni Mukiri former inooro presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri
Image: Instagram

Muthoni wa Mukiri entered her thirties single and searching, something that made her make the drastic decision to hold a girls only birthday party.

"By the time I was getting to a point I was getting married my head was not there, I was so happy with my life, not because everything was perfect, but because I made sure I became happy, I prioritized my own happiness."

Speaking on her youtube channel, the former Inooro Tv presenter said that she wasted life in her 20's being a party animal.

"Personally I would never want to  go back to my 20's. I was lost I was pleasing everybody, I was partying from Thursday to Sunday."

Much of this was peer pressure and it did not make her happy and yet she wanted to be married with children by 30.

"But then I was in a toxic relationship, I was not aligning my life with my goals." 

She held a big birthday party and only invited women. Explaining her rationale, Muthoni said that she was fed up with men.

"At my 30 birthday party, I threw a very nice party for myself. I had started my self love journey. I only invited women for my party. Nlikuwa nimechoka na wanaume yeneywe neva say neva ati ni mimi nimeolewa ..wife material."

If you are turning 30 and feeling the pressure of life, Muthoni is reassuring you that it's not bad.

"30 is a big deal. That statement gets into our head. And we give ourselves a lot of unnecessary pressure."

Muthoni is a mindset coach and dispensing her advice, she added, "In my late 20's I was feeling messed up, I was partying a lot I was in a toxic relationship."

Not being in a good place meant Muthoni feared welcoming the age of 30. The media personality "It's what you are doing with your life that matters How have you set your goals, what are you doing to achieve your goals."

Muthoni mentioned that those in their 20's in bad relationships about to hit 30 and have lots of questions.

"You would rather be alone and happy in your 30's than be in a toxic relationship where you are already married and have kids it's not the same."

Life does not end at 30 Muthoni added.

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