Abel Mutua reveals wife's tall and handsome celebrity crush

The couple are loved by many for their maturity

• The couple dated for 7 years before saying 'I Do.'

• The couple share a daughter, known as Mumbua.

with his wife
Abel Mutua with his wife
Image: Instagram

Abel Mutua is a happy man as his wife Judy celebrates her birthday today. In a cheeky birthday message, Mutua warned his wife to keep her eyes off Idris Elba who is her crush.

"Happy birthday to my baby and the mother of my baby! Wishing you everything that you’ve ever desired. Apart from Idris Elba. Huyo wachana na yeye. Hata hananga ushago. Anaishi town kama KICC. Love you Babeezzzz!!!!"

The couple has been married for 7 years but they have been together longer. In his lovely letter, last year, the thespian reminisced about how their wedding day had started out badly but despite it all, their marriage had been worth it.

"Exactly 6 years at this very hour mzee mzima Lagiacca alikuwa mteja na suti yangu, Bazuu Wangu wa bridal car alipiga sleeping pills flani zinaitwa Jameson akableki, but despite all that, what mattered most for me was the fact that I was getting ready to trap this babe for life. Ndio Sisi hao Sasa @judynyawira. I couldn’t ask for a better wife.

Tuzeeke pamoja Babe for another 96 years Alafu after Hapo turudi Soko, au sio? I love you!!! Happy Anniversary."

Last year Njugush who is a friend to the Mutua's called out the actor for wasting Judy's time before he wed her.

Celebrating the couple's wedding anniversary in 2021, comedian Njugush revealed that Abel's wife was so patient even after dating for seven years before he finally married her.

"Happy anniversary @judynyawira on your Journey. Sometimes it feels like you are alone....but you've weathered all that.

You are amazing @judynyawira let me not write aloooooooong paragraph hapa. But you are just Amazing Judy continue being focused. We are lucky to have you. Know that you aren't alone...Well done Judy.

5 years of marriage plus ile ingine 7 uliwastiwa time badala mtu akuoe straight nikama hakua sure mpaka unashangaa.

That shows you have patience and give people a chance to redeem themselves. Mtu anavaanga majumper unashindwa nini humsumbua. Na maviatu za wahuni...I will post this same message next year."

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