• His wife Milly supported him on her special day.

• The daughter is sitting her year-end exams.

'My fears as an MC,' Terence creative
Terence Creative 'My fears as an MC,' Terence creative
Image: Instagram

Terence Creative's daughter is set to sit her final exams next week. Candidates for KCPE and KCSE are expected to sit their respective end-year exams and among those is the comedian's daughter Mwihaki.

Terence revealed that he attended her school's prayer day, as all parents said their blessings for the candidates. He showed a card made with beautiful messages dedicated to her success.

"Wishing you success in your exams my love you mean the world to us dear were sending along bright wishes we love you," captioned another message to Mwihaki.

He also separately dedicated his blessing to Mwihaki with a video of how the day went. Among those who attended was his wife Milly Chebby.

"Had an emotionally amazing time on my daughter’s prayer Day before she sits for her exam and I want to wish her nothing but the best."

He celebrated his daughter telling her he has full confidence in the outcome of the exams

"Dear daughter I love you and I trust you, I know you got this, thanks for always loving and taking care of your sisters, you will be a great person in this world. To you babe @millychebby thanks for always loving and being there for us. May God bless all candidates too. Go and do your best my dear daughter and thanks for always making us proud Mwihaki , God keep blessing"

The content creator has three children, all daughters.  Two daughters are with another baby mama named Eunice.

In 2021, Terence opened up about his difficulty co-parenting, adding that he rarely sees his two daughters and only visits them at school.

I only visit them at school coz mahali walikuwa wanaishi walihama and I dont know where wanaishi sahii….inauma sana hata baada ya kuwa a good dad and a provider bado nanyimwa shared custody….

Terence told of a stressful family situation and saying his his children have only come to his place once in the last 7 years.

Their mum and family frustrates the visit to my place, in 7 years wamekuja once.

The comedian painfully claimed he could only go to Nakuru to visit one of his children who schools there.

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