• Their latest cozy moments have earned them criticism.

• Zari responded to trolls brilliantly.

Zari with her younger boyfriend.
Image: Instagram

South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has no time for cyberbullies on her social media pages.

In an undated video on Tiktok, Zari was described as being clingy and controlling. Her over-excited and loving behavior with her young boyfriend has not gone unnoticed by some online.

On her TikTok, Zari has hit back at such claims telling people to mind their business.

“B**ches, I’m not a clingy girlfriend, that’s just girlfriend behavior, that’s just girlfriend behavior. Why are you catching feelings if I’m all over my man, not your man, my man? Why are you all bitches catching feelings?” Zari blasted in a trending video on TikTok.

Fans were of the opinion that a lady of her age, should leave such behavior to younger girls and more so a public display of affection.

“You are probably miserable, single, and miserable or you are probably dating somebody else’s man. You can’t touch this man in the club or you are just sitting with a blesser in the club, who is just, you know, doing all the sponsoring.

Sh*t, that’s my man, okay! That my man. I’m gonna be clingy, I’m gonna be drunk, I’m gonna fall in love left and right, as much as I wanna. I’m gonna do everything that I need. It’s just girlfriend behavior,” she raged.

Zari, 42, has been on the defensive ever since they started dating Shakib, fighting off questions and comments about their apparent age difference.

The mother of Diamond Platnumz's children, and Shakib have been having some major PDA on their social media, upsetting netizens.

The two say they are so serious about each other and are ready to take the next tep -marriage.

Shakib recently posted a video on his IG in which he informs Zari his intentions to meet her dad and ask for her hand in marriage.

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