Family demands justice for daughter murdered in Lang'ata

Naneu Muthoni Muturi was found lying dead in a pool of blood

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Her boyfriend is on the run.

• Police have declared him as a person of interest.

Naneu Muthoni Muturi murdered in langata
Naneu Muthoni Muturi murdered in langata

A man is on the run after allegedly murdering his girlfriend in cold blood his girlfriend.

Naneu Muthoni Muturi was found dead and her boyfriend missing after it was said she went to visit him one last time, perhaps to iron out their differences.

Police say the man is a person of interest since he was the last to be seen with Naneu at his Onyonka home.

Her parents, Sam and Grace Muturi are seeking answers about their loved one's final moment.

They had not seen each other for three weeks after her parents warned her to keep off of him over frequent fights and violence.

Naneu begged her mum to see him one last time. The two had been dating for a year. The mother grudgingly granted her daughter permission.

The two had just arrived after staying for a week on their upcountry farm in Kajiado. And this week, Muthoni was to go for a Christian retreat in Thika. On Saturday evening Naneu Muthoni left to see her boyfriend. 

Her mum received a phone call in the wee hours of the morning around 2 am. It was Muthoni’s phone calling. There was no response on the other end.

The mum tried to call back but no one answered. They hoped she would return home the following day Sunday. Naneu did not go home.

Her parents frantically tried her phone again, but there was no response. They called her friends to find out more from them but were not successful.

On Monday, the mother went to her boyfriend's house but found no one.

Naneu Muthoni Muturi boyfriend on the run after murder in langata
Naneu Muthoni Muturi boyfriend on the run after murder in langata

The door as locked . Later in the day, a person called the mother to go back to the boyfriends house.

On arrival, Naneus mother felt a sense of dread upon seeing a crowd and police at the house.

Her body was lying in a pool of blood on the sofa with multiple stab wounds . The scene told of her gruesome murder.

The father is appealing to the daughter’s boyfriend to surrender.

“It is wrong for the young people to harm each other over differences. If you are in a relationship that is not stable, just walk away because you can’t force a person to love you.”

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