I spend at least Sh100K on my event outfits - Kate Actress

Kate Actress does not attend free gigs

• Kate Actress was praised for her recent outstanding dress code at the Wakanda movie premier.

• Kate said she felt appreciated and recognized for her efforts.

Kate Actress at Wakanda Forever premiere

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress was praised for her recent outstanding dress code at the Black Panther Wakanda Forever premiere in Nairobi. 

She earned praise from Kenyans after stealing the show with many stating that she was the best-dressed celebrity at the event.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Kate said she felt appreciated and recognized for her efforts.

"I don't do these things for myself because I don't do it alone. I have a team. The first thing is getting the designer right that is a person who understands you and your body's flaws and your personality," she said.

Kate added that Style by Neomi is a collaborative effort and they have since understood each other. She said Neomi knows what she doesn't like to put on in public and other details.

"From the beginning, it is just getting the designer who understands you well. Anyone can get the outfit but the way you carry the outfit means a lot."

Asked how long it took her to come up with her stylish dress for the Wakanda event, Kate said they had so many ideas but only settled on the one she wore three days before the main event.

She said she did not want to confuse the Wakanda event and Halloween which was a few weeks ago.

"We overthink and sometimes we have no idea even four days until the event. We came up with the idea three days before the event. We kept wondering what we could do without looking like Halloween which was just the other day, there is a thin line," she said.

Kate said her stylist takes her time until she gets inspiration and sometimes can cancel an event if she did not get something perfect to wear.

"If she doesn't feel it, I won't attend since there are times we have not gotten what to wear," she said. 

The actress added that she does not only dress for herself.

"It's a personality and maybe I am not feeling right mentally so, how I dress is just to amplify. I don't just show up to show people I am busy. I attend to those that I can relate with and I am okay.

I have very supportive clients who will put your mental health first and they want even to help you. We all have our bad days, maybe my child is unwell."

She revealed that she spends over sh100k for a single event to get dressed.

"It is expensive. I don't think there is a day, Neomi and I have spent less than sh100k to look good. That is why I don't go for all events," she said explaining why she does not attend free gigs.

"People thought I had an ego when I said I don't attend events that I have not been paid for. It's coz I put a lot of effort and you need to be seen."

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