Excitement as Maria makes comeback on TV via Sultana (Video)

Maria wa Kitaa is back on TV.


• Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan excites fans as they bring Maria to Sultana.

• Yasmin Said was the lead actress in Citizen TV's Maria telenovela. 

Actress Maria joins Sultana

Award-winning actress Yasmin Said Esir popularly known as Maria has made a comeback into the acting scene as she joins Citizen TV’s Sultana. 

On Friday, a sneak peek of Maria joining Sultana was released and she will be going by the name Maria on the show.

“BUYA 🙆🙆…Unadhani MARIA atamsaidia BUYA?

 “Ungana nasi kumkaribisha MARIA ndani ya #sultana. Tukae mkao wa kula ,yajayo ni moto🔥🔥🔥🔥,” Maria posted.

Lulu Hassan and Radio Abdalla’s production company also used their social media pages to welcome Maria to to the program.

“MARIA !!!!!! Unatarajia kuona MARIA akifanya nini ndani ya #sultana ? 👇👇👇

 “Tuendelee kufuatilia #sultana . Maswali yako yote yatapata majibu 🔥🔥🔥 ungana nasi kumkaribisha MARIA,”

Another post said; “ BUYA 🙆🙆 Unadhani MARIA atamsaidia BUYA? Ungana nasi kumkaribisha MARIA ndani ya #sultana. Tukae mkao wa kula ,yajayo ni moto🔥🔥🔥🔥,’.

Yasmin Said was the lead actress in Citizen TV Swahili Telenovela that ended a few months ago with a promise for season two.

Reactions from Fans

_terrey This is the best surprised you have ever pulled! 👏👏

bwoy8943 Never watched sultana but Leo lazimaa🔥🔥

janito_2.0 Alaaaa maria wa kitaa🙌🙌🙌🙌 what a twist🔥🔥/

yvonne.a.kasera Mlifanyoa jjj vibaya sija kula I love the plot twist well done

koi_dela_rosa Your turn Maria😍 I'm excited 😁😍🔥👏,,, otherwise Bado nko Kwa heartache ya JJ😩💔, pls come rescue him too.

the_xaviera_constance From the beautiful ocean..to a dumping site😱...... I'm yet to recover. Mimi mnenikoroga kabisa

boreta_bab Now this is another level of production and scripting 🤝🤝For a moment there, I was confused 👏Good job🤝

gentrix_khayasi Jinsi Sultana ameniudhi Leo,naomba Mungu Maria upatane na JJ 😍❤️,kaende kaende😂

mutuanorah Kumbe mlijua Sisi watu wa Nairobi tuliboeka till mkalete Maria atuchangamshe ,manze hii ni 🔥🔥🔥

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