Charlene Ruto shows off football skills in Morocco (Video)

The first daughter was in Moroccoto attend the MEDays Forum in Tangier.

• Charlene is President Ruto's third born

• She has been keen to popularize her dad among the younger audience

Charlene's Ruto shows off her unique football skills
Charlene Ruto Charlene's Ruto shows off her unique football skills
Image: Twitter

President William Ruto's 3rd born daughter is currently the talk of twitter streets after she shared one of her hidden talents.

Taking to twitter the mother of one posted a video of her letting her inner child come out to play.

In a video, Charlene, who is wearing a short white dress with a black and white coat draped over her shoulders and white sports shoes, is seen kicking a ball on a football court in Morocco as a bunch of men (not sure whether its her security detail or fellow dignitaries) stood by and watched.

She went on to caption the video, “I was a goalkeeper during high school matches and I believe sporting activities are great avenues for youth to showcase their agility and ability to manoeuvre through different huddles that life presents."

Explaining what was going on in the video she added, "I enjoyed a light moment at the Mohammed VI Football Complex in Salé Morocco where Moroccan Minister of Youth, Culture and CommunicationMehdi Bensaid and his team have created avenues for the youth in Morocco to enhance their sporting skills."


" Traded my heels for sneakers to visit the Mohammed VI Football Complex - Maamoura, where the Moroccan National Team prepares for global matches. Medical centres, gyms, hotels, meeting rooms, 8 outdoor pitches & the largest indoor pitch in the world encompass this unique facility."

Charlene flew out of the country to attend the MEDays Forum in Tangier, Morocco.

She amused listeners at the forum when she took to the stage to champion her father’s bottom-up economic model.

The Director of PR and Branding at Weston Hotel Nairobi appealed to African leaders to invest in sustainable strategies for the next generation through creating better outcomes for children and youth will kick start the pan-African dream of realizing shared prosperity for all.

“Restoring higher levels of pan-African social mobility will be among the most important political, social and economic challenges.

The longer we wait to address the issue, the more tumultuous our politics will become,” she explained

The third-born of the Head of State has been keen on popularising the dad to a younger audience and lending a hand to her father in leadership.

Below are a few comments from twitter users:

Gichuki Muriithi: Your penalty kick proves that you are a footballer

Vincent Tanaka: Prrr, "natural whistle" Man United scouts are looking for you

Juma William: Round of applause for Charlene Ruto, when you come back home take the idea with you. Hope you'll be the ambassador for the Kenyan young girls who are going through hard times.

Lotan Salapei: Love this... definitely something we need at home

Rodgers L.K: I genuinely thought utaanguka

Peter Kamonde: Experience detected in the kick...

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