Reason Khaligraph is building a multi-million mansion

The rapper showed off the halfway done humongous house through a dance challenge

• This is the second mansion Khaligraph has showed off.

• Both are still incomplete although one is more massive than the other.

Khaligraph Jones on why he's building a multi million mansion
Rapper Khaligraph Jones on why he's building a multi million mansion
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Award-winning Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has been less than shy showing off/talking about his mansion that is currently under construction.

He takes pride in it as he should, considering his journey to the top hasn't been all that rosy.

Some people might feel intimidated or think the rapper brags too much but to him, he's changing a narrative.

"I show my successes because it's something that wasn't shown by guys who were here before us," Khaligraph revealed.

He went on to add, "I'm building a home to show other musicians that it's good to invest because, with this industry, things can change, but if you have a place to call home where you don't pay rent, it's safe for the family."

The "Tuma Kitu," hitmaker went on to add that he was under no pressure to have the house up at a certain time frame or to impress people as he currently didn't have a lot of cash to splash on the house.

"I'm building it at my own pace because I don't have all that money, but mimi sijengi nyumba za ufala, najenga nyumba noma. (But either way, I'm not building just any house I'm working on a mega house)."

"It's massive with many bedrooms. Najisukuma," said the musician trying to be humble but failing at it.

Khaligraph Jones.
Image: Instagram

He also emphasized that he wanted his success to inspire people and remind them that nothing is impossible if one sets their mind to it.

"I'm striving to have one of the best just to show the people that this thing is possible because 10 years ago, I didn't have a place to call home. Mimi nilikuwa naishi Dandora being housed by someone na nilikuwa nalala kwa kiti. So my mansion is to show people that nothing is impossible," finished the father of two.

Over a week ago, the popular rapper shared a video of his 3-story home that is huge enough for his family revealing that the house will be complete in 2023.

We were quick to note that the house Khaligraph shared was different from another incomplete house he had shared a while ago. An indication that he could be building a house for his mother as well.

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