Samidoh forced to go to the emergency room while in the USA

The singer encouraged fans that he would reschedule the show

• Samidoh has been performing in the USA for the past few weeks.

• The singer had to cancel a concert after getting a medical emergency that he didn't mention.

The singer had to cancel a show in Spokane
Samidoh. The singer had to cancel a show in Spokane
Image: Instagram

Mugiithi musician Samidoh has been on tour in America the past three weeks with the man thrilling his Kenyan fans in different states.

Unfortunately, things took a sad turn yesterday for the father of five as he couldn't perform at a certain show because of a medical emergency that he suffered.

The administration police officer revealed this development to concerned fans on his social media where he started by saying,

“My Spokane mugithi family, it is regrettable today’s show had to be postponed. An unfortunate accident happened this morning and led me to the E.R, hence not being able to travel over for tonight show.”

Most fans in the consoled him in the comment section wishing him a quick recovery over a medical situation only he and his inner circle know about.

However, all wasn't lost for those Spokane fans who had missed out on seeing the charismatic singer live as he insisted that the show would be rescheduled. 

“Kindly bear with us sorry for any inconvenience caused. The show will be rescheduled to a later date.🙏#Mungumbele#itiswell.”

His solution above will most likely calm some of the fans below who had camped on his comments section after he posted the teaser. 

This is the second year in a row that Murata Wa Ngai singer has been travelling to the USA on tour. According to Chipukeezy, the earnings for a show in America can be really good.

Earlier this year, the comedian revealed that he once earned 5000 dollars (Sh 6,080,000) from a 10 minute show while in America.

Just look at the ticket price for the Spokane poster above. It is 50 dollars (Sh 6,080) per ticket something I am sure is probably the average price at most of the venues Samidoh is visiting.

Good for him...

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