Karen Nyamu's cheeky response to Samidoh being 'stolen' by another woman

Karen Nyamu are dating although they are never touchy in public.

• Samidoh is in the US for a music tour.

• Karen yamu and the Mugithi star have two kids.

She has thrown an online jab at women 'entering' other people's relationships.
She has thrown an online jab at women 'entering' other people's relationships.

Nominated Senator has shared a cryptic video throwing shade at people who 'steal' other people's partners.

She was reacting to a viral story of Samidoh and a female fan who many alleged to be the star's girlfriend.

A vernacular blog alleged that Samidoh is being hosted by a woman identified as Bernice.

" Kenyans on Twitter have trolled Karen Nyamu telling her she is no longer Samioh's favorite, seeing that Samidoh has another woman in the US.

It is said the woman identified as Bernice is the one who invited Samidoh to the US and is the one allegedly hosting him. 

"Bernice has been the one accompanying Samidoh to all the places he goes to perform,"  Wrote the blog

Kikuyu blog alleges that Samidoh is dating a woman based in the US.

Reacting to the video, Karen Nyamu shared a another clip of diving into a pool which she captioned;

"Vile mnaingianga kwa relationship za wenyewe hapa kanairo, mungu anawaona. (How you are entering people's relationships in Nairobi, God is seeing you.)

Karen Nyamu.

In what seemed like a threat to the blog, Samidoh wrote

"Haha. There will come a day utaambiwa uandike kitu hujaconfirm, uhepe mbio (There will come a day you will be told you write something you haven't confirmed and you will run away."


In the past, the mother of three responded to a fan who termed her a husband snatcher.

Karen had shared a photo of herself on her social media when a fan identified as Mercy Ramsey wrote;

"Hello, you thief of people’s husbands."

The mother of three corrected the fan saying she only stole one husband.

"It's a husband, not husbands, repeat correctly now."

Edday Nderitu, Samidoh's wife has on different occasions thrown online jabs at Nyamu for allegedly stealing her man.

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