Daddy Owen's marriage inspiration is this famous couple

The gospel singer is single and searching for a woman to marry

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The Gospel singer told Mpasho in an exclusive interview what type of woman he wants.

• Owen has shed more light on his ideal woman.

Daddy Owen has received over 1000 marriage proposals
Daddy Owen has received over 1000 marriage proposals

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has an unexpected source of inspiration for the type of marriage he wants.

It has been several days since he exclusively told Mpasho that he is single and searching.

Daddy Owen had told Mpasho that he wants a village wife, a prayerful woman to settle down with.

Four days ago, he proclaimed his intentions over pressure to marry. He now has a source of inspiration for marriage.

William Ruto and his wife Rachel are his source. He shared a tbt photo of the president and the first lady when they were young.

Owen said he is under pressure that age is catching up with him yet he does not have a family of his own.

Owen said his mum is pressuring him to look for someone to visit her with.

"She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home. She is worried that I live alone, I walk alone."

Owen, 40, said by now he wanted to have finished siring children.

"I am not prepared since I understand it is not my decision alone, I need to have someone." Owen added that even with money, he is incomplete.

Asked if he is dating, Owen said he is still afraid that he might not make the best decision after his first marriage crumbled.

"Any move with someone else might trigger my past. I am like, will I treat her well or I will be under the same pressure and the relationship end again?"

He said he wants to date a village girl this time round.

"I am looking for a serious woman to date and marry. I am looking for a dark-skinned woman, very prayerful. She should be from the village," he said.

He said it's the reason he is frequently visiting and running projects in villages.

"I want to get a woman from there. I do not want to date someone who is born in the town," he said.

He also does not want to date someone in the limelight or a celebrity.

"I do not want someone who is always on social media platforms. Staki mtu wa TikTok," he said.

"I want someone who will be mine and not for the whole world. I want someone who will purely concentrate on our marriage, and make me traditional meals."

On how she dresses, Owen said her woman will not put on long trousers.

"I want someone who wears long dresses," he said.

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