Meet George Wajackoyah's beautiful daughters

Roots Party leader is in London

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Wajackoya has been in business and family meetings

•The lawyer has homes both in the US and the UK

wajackoya hangs out with daughters
wajackoya hangs out with daughters

Politician-cum-lawyer George Wajackoyah is currently in the UK for several missions.

The Roots Party leader has updated Kenyans that he has had a successful meeting with His Worship the London Mayor of Southwark Sunil Chopra.

He has also met Kenyans living in London and noted that; "London is good" 

The meeting took place at the mayor's Parlor on October 28.

The outspoken politician has also met his children. A picture shared by him on Facebook shows a proud dad happy to be bought for dinner by his children. He captioned the pictures "treat by daughters..London".

The trio was enjoying a sumptuous plate.

Wajackoyah also showed off his grandson wearing a Halloween outfit and the cute boy blew people away.

Wajackoyah and his daughters

A couple of months back, Wajackoyah told YouTuber 2mbili that he has homes and businesses in the UK and the US.

He also proudly spoke about his children who reside in those countries.

Among those he spoke highly about was a son who is just as wealthy as the politician.

The lawyer was speaking ahead of the August 9 poll. The criminal and Immigration lawyer has an extensive link to the UK and the US.

Wajackoyah studied in at least nine schools of law, attaining his Master of Law and legal practice at several institutions.

The education ranges from Diploma to a Bachelor, and Master's of Philosophy.

Wajackoya and His Worship the London Mayor of Southwark Sunil Chopra at the Mayor’s parlor.
Wajackoya and His Worship the London Mayor of Southwark Sunil Chopra at the Mayor’s parlor.

We have previously been introduced to his wife when she accompanied him to the Catholic University for the Presidential Debate.

His wife is caller Meller Luchiri . Wajackoyah and Meller, an African-American, were married in the early 90s.

The two soulmates walked down the aisle in February 2020.

"This day, I married my best friend and confidant!n January 4, 2020. The best is yet to come," Meller said in a post on her Facebook page.

During a previous TV interview, Wajackoyah said his wife lives in the US while their three children - two daughters and a son live in the UK.

The firstborn child, a son, is called Ty Luchiri, and daughters Marjorie Luchiri and last born Marz Luchiri.

He has since the election largely remained silent and away from public life.

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