Why Cebbie Koks furiously defended Akothee this week

The two sisters had squabbled earlier this month

• Cebbie has come out to defend her sister, despite their past differences.

• Cebbie denied that her sister was marrying her seventh husband.

Blood is truly thicker than water
Akothee feeding her sister Cebbie Koks. Blood is truly thicker than water
Image: Instagram

Blood is thicker than water is being proven to be true in the family of Akothee and her sister Cebbie Koks.

Despite the two being at loggerheads earlier this month, Cebbie came out swinging a few days ago in support of her sister.

Cebbie who is currently dating lawyer Steve Ogolla took offense to a comment made by a man on Facebook called Gordon Opiyo.

The man had posted a photo montage of Akothee with her 7 previous 'husbands'. His caption read,

"Legend Akothee introduces "Omondi" the 7th man she is marrying. We wish her well in her 7th marriage and say, 'who are we to judge?'"

Gordon Opiyo's post.
Image: Facebook

Cebbie who has shown her fierce nature in previous fights with her own sister and Kenyans online came out arms swinging.

In her post, Cebbie wondered who Mr. Opiyo was referring to as the 7th man and questioned the verdict reached in his Facebook caption.

"I don't know about the 7th man you are talking about.But, even going by the same pictures you've used, I only see her Ex Husband of the 3 girls, the father to the 2 Boyz ,Nelly and the current one. The rest are video vixen which by common sense alone can't be included."

She then went on to call out the poster telling him that it was easy to criticise other people's family members because his were not in the limelight like hers.

Cebbie Koks with Akothee in a file photo.
Image: Instagram

She then said that it was easy for someone to see the logs in other people's eyes than in themselves.

She continued that it wasn't an issue for a human being to have a failed marriage or failing relationships for that matter.

The chocolate-skinned personality went on to say that nobody was going to go to the grave with a badge of perfection in matters of relationships.

She finished her soliloquy by praising her sister with a resounding remarks saying;

"Lastly, Akothee, unlike some other women, decided to take charge of her life and refused to lose hope of what she believes in. Not everyone can but doesn't mean they won't given a chance."

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