Details of former Citizen TV host Karwirwa Laura's new job

Laura quit her citizen Tv job as she was relocating to the UK to pursue her postgraduate

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

β€’ Karwirwa worked at Citizen TV as the Bambika host for three years

β€’ She traveled to the UK to study at Oxford Brooke's University.

Karwirwa Laura has landed a new job after leaving Citizen TV
Image: Instagram

Karwirwa Laura, former Citizen TV host, and Kenyan gospel musician has shared her new job details.

Laura quit her citizen TV job as she needed to relocate to the UK to pursue her master's at Oxford's Brookes University.

In a Q&A session on her Instagram, a fan asked, "Have you gotten a job already?" She gladly responded saying, "Yes, I haven't started yet though. A server job at an Italian Restaurant."

Laura added that she missed her old job, but it was a new season, and she had made peace with it.

"Do you miss your previous job/ workmates?" the question read.

"Yeah...but, it's a new season," Laura noted.

The 'Ujulikane' hitmaker noted that she landed the Oxford opportunity out of her due diligence as a follower inquired,

"About your postgraduate course, how did you secure a chance at Oxford? And are you self-sponsored?"

"I did a lot of hard due diligence, from scratch. Yes." Laura stated.

The fitness enthusiast also got into matters fitness, as she was met with the question, "So tell me... why do you work out? You wanna lose weight or something?"

It seemed sarcastic as she revealed that despite her strenuous workouts, she has never lost a Kilo over the last year.Laura quit her citizen Tv job as she was relocating to the UK to pursue her postgraduate

"Great question... I need a routine to function optimally and having fitness as part of my routine feels so good! It energizes me. It's a form of self-care that makes me feel great about myself.


Can you imagine, in the last 1 year I have not lost even 1 Kilo (laughing emoji)? which is fine by me, it's just for fitness with the bonus of having a toned body. I made peace with my tiny FUPA which has completely refused to go away."

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