Bahati and Diana reveal their child's gender

This will be the couple's third biological child

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The couple released the video revealing the gender on YouTube a few moments ago.

• Bahati promised to marry Diana after this pregnancy.

Bahati kissing Diana Marua's tummy
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua was overcome with emotion when she learnt that she was expecting a baby girl.

In their latest YouTube video, the Bahati's held a gender reveal party where we see the couple get overcome with joy at the pink smoke from balloons indicating it was a girl they were having.

"So happy" Diana shed tears as she knelt down to praise God.

This will be their third child. They have a first born Heaven, the second born is a boy named Majesty.

It is still not clear when the pink and blue themed affair went down. 

In the video, Bahati confessed that they betted on the gender, and now he has lost and will pay up.

"I had embraced it was a boy, I thought I was going to have a boy. I have lost the election twice. I lost the election, then I lost the er-ction." Bahati joked about the gender of their unborn child.

The emotional mother of two almost collapsed expressing her thoughts about the gender of their child as Bahati held her close urging her to relax.

He said he made her dreams come true; "That officially need a  I need to apply to become a firearm holder.

This year I don't understand how things are happening, I even thought I was winning the Mathare seat," he joked about his August 9 poll loss.

Bahati then thanked guests for coming to support his wife Diana saying,

"From the bottom of my heart I say thank you to you guys. Next is our wedding, and our wedding I want to do something you know I am extra, I want to do something.

I know our journey just began, I had planned for a vasectomy, sitafunga naona nikiendelea, and we are ready."

They had bet that if it was a girl, Bahati would book for her the presidential room at the hospital for her delivery.

He noted that his Queen deserved only the best. Diana is expected to deliver at Komarock Hospital which is the couple's regular place of choice.

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