Diana Marua's open letter to her incoming baby

Marua and Bahati are expecting third child together

• Diana Marua ready to receive her baby.

• Marua promised to speak about the journey after the baby arrives.

Diana Marua's open letter to her incoming baby
Diana Marua's open letter to her incoming baby
Image: Instagram.

Content creator Diana Marua is ready to pop.

The mother of two has shared an open letter to her unborn child saying she is ready to meet them soon.

Diana expressed how excited she is to be meeting her baby for the first time.

"My Heart is Beating Fast, My Baby is kicking harder, the anxiety is real. We both can't wait to meet each other 😭 I have grown to love you with every single cell of me. I can't believe I'm about to hold you for the first time, feel your warmth and the sound of your Heartbeat on my chest," Marua wrote.

The popular content creator and Bahati's wife also revealed that the pregnancy journey has not been easy.

She promised to speak about the journey after the baby arrives.

She said her baby is blessed to have the best parents and siblings.

"You and I have gone through several ups and downs. When I was down you reminded me why I needed to keep on pushing. I could write a book about our journey, maybe someday, I will. For now, just know that you have the best Parents and Siblings in the world. I LOVE YOU MI AMOR, SEE YOU SOO."

A few days ago, Marua narrated her Pregnancy journey and all the challenges and body changes she had gone through for the past nine months.

“Guess who is on full term today 🤩 it's been a journey...

 A time when life was simpler. A time when I didn't appreciate how tiny my nose was.

 “A time when I walked straight and not like a penguin 🐧

 “A time when getting out of bed wasn't a hard task, I could sleep in any position. I miss sleeping on my tummy,” she shared.

Adding that;

“A time when I could fit in my shoe size comfortably with no struggle. My legs are competing with that of an elephant.

She then asked her fans and followers to pray for her.

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