Prayers up - Diana Marua expecting her newborn anytime from now

I'll be back, maybe with baby. Prayers up - Diana Marua


• Marua has been away from social media for a while now

• Diana Marua and Bahati are expecting baby number 3

Expecting her newborn
Diana Marua Expecting her newborn
Image: instagram

YouTuber turned rapper Diana Marua has announced that she is preparing to welcome baby number three into her family anytime from now.

In an update, Marua narrated her Pregnancy journey and all the challenges and body changes she has been through for the past 9 months.

“Guess who is on full term today 🤩 it's been a journey...

 A time when life was simpler. A time when I didn't appreciate how tiny my nose was.

 “A time when I walked straight and not like a penguin 🐧

 “A time when getting out of bed wasn't a hard task, I could sleep in any position. I miss sleeping on my tummy,” she shared.

Adding that; “A time when I could fit in my shoe size comfortably with no struggle. My legs are competing with that of an elephant 🙄

 A time when I could shower for hours. I'm always short of breath, hot showers are not for me.. 2 mins, I'm out 🤣,’.

She went on to ask for her fans and followers to pray for her with a revelation that she might return on social media with a newborn.

 “I'll talk about how this pregnancy has shown me dust. For now, I think I'm having episodes of Braxton hicks’ contractions, I'm in pain...Let me deal, I'll be back, maybe with the baby. Prayers up ❤️🙏🏼,” Diana Marua wrote.

In a separate post, the mother of two wrote; “Good morning my loves ❤️. Did I miss anything while I was away? 😂’.

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