Akothee highlights the biggest challenge facing her wedding preparations

Akothee revealed that her and her boyfriend could not seem to agree on where they should hold the wedding

• This would be the first time her dad would walk her down the aisle

• This is the second setback she is facing after Dr. Ofweneke overcharged for his Emceeing services 

The 'Sweet Love' singer reveals her dad has never walked her down the aisle
Akothee. The 'Sweet Love' singer reveals her dad has never walked her down the aisle
Image: Instagram

 'Sweet Love' hitmaker Akothee is intent on walking down the aisle with her new man but sadly the 40-year-old seems to be hitting multiple snags with the preparations.

Akothee took to her Instagram page to highlight their latest predicament, the venue.

According to the artist, this marriage would be the first time her dad walked her down the aisle but that was proving to be an issue as her boyfriend wanted to have the ceremony in an undisclosed location outside the country.

Why not pay for flight tickets then? You quickly wonder. Well, according to Akothee her dad can not do flights.

You see the predicament now, huh?

"Wow I never knew I would struggle for a venue given the fact that I would like my dad to hand me over officially for the first time and he can not do flights," the entrepreneur said clearly in a dilemma.

She then went ahead to ask her followers to help her come up with a venue that has beach vibes as it seems that is the theme they were going for if they were to travel outside the country.

"Give me ideas for a cosy venue with water body please," the rest of her post read. 

She then went on to add, "It is hard small. Give me ideas guys my head is breaking. He prefers outside the country but I want my relatives to witness it.

The two are having issues with the wedding venue
Akothee and her new mzungu lover. The two are having issues with the wedding venue
Image: Instagram

That is not the only setback the mother of 5 has had with her recent wedding preparations.

Barely two weeks ago, Akothee expressed her shock after Ofweneke asked to be paid Sh1.4Million if she wished to hire his services for her traditional and white wedding.

"Wee! I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official Mc on my wedding day both white and traditional, 🙄🙄🙄" Madam boss posted.

She went ahead to lament that she felt Ofweneke had overpriced his services because she was getting married to a white person. 

However, the rant did not seem to sway the TV host or soften his heart despite them being friends.

Speaking on the matter, Ofweneke suggested that she hires a white MC if she doesn't wish to pay the stated amount.

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