What Kenyans really want Amber Ray to do with Jimal

Amber Ray is excited for her 31st birthday

• She was born on November 3 and is ready to celebrate.

• Fans have told her her best bet is to get back with Jimal.

The socialite has been urged to get back with her ex-husband
Jimal Rohosafi with Amber Ray in the past. The socialite has been urged to get back with her ex-husband
Image: Instagram

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray is gearing up to celebrate her birthday soon. For her big day, the mom of one wants ideas on how to ring in her big day.

In an Instagram QnA, Amber urged her fans to give suggestions on what Miss Makau should do on her 31st birthday.

Many of the suggestions she was given was for her to reunite with ex husband Jimal Roho Safi. One fan even gave her the benefit of rekindling with Jimal saying,

"You should get a daughter na Jamal aki...mtoto  will come with mali clean, na nwele je..weeeeee," adding a love emoji.

Amber laughed and responded, "Weeeeh zima hiyo kitu."

Another fan told her to let by-gones be by-gones. "Get back with Jimal...I'd love that." Faith was again was tickled saying, "Nyinyi ni drama mnapenda," referencing her short lived marriage to the Somali Businessman.

Yet another fan was for the Jimal-Amber reunion 

The socialite has been urged to reunite with th Somali businessman
Amber Ray with Jimal Rohosafi in the past. The socialite has been urged to reunite with th Somali businessman
Image: Instagram

One told her "get pregnant, we want a girl" leaving Amber Ray exasperated "ai" while another told her to find a new bae after leaving Kenneth Rapudo. 

"Get back with Rapudo, Luo na kamba mnavibe vibaya.." 

Amber Ray told the fan that, "Mko na jokes."

Back in August, Amber Ray let it slip that her relationship with Rapudo wasn't working out.

In a Q and A session with her fans, Amber Ray admitted that her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo hadn’t been working, and therefore, they resolved to part ways.

Rapudo said he had differences he could not make up with Amber Ray forcing the two to go their separate ways.

For her birthday in 2021, Amber Ray held an intimate birthday party ushering in the third floor with a dinner.

The all white birthday theme saw her family and friends ferried in style to the destination where wine, champagne and other drinks flowed freely. It will be interesting to see what she has planned for her 31st.

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