'I thought I was going to die'- Kamene opens up on her worst breakup

Obinna said he got over his first heartbreak after an year.

• Kamene is a divorcee.

• She got dumped via a text.

She thought she would die from her first breakup.
Kamene Goro and Obinna. She thought she would die from her first breakup.
Image: Instagram

Morning Kiss host  Kamene Goro has revealed she thought she would die after her first breakup.

Sharing her experience with her co-host Oga obinna.

"My first heartbreak I thought I was going to die. I didn't even want to go to school. But it took me 7 days to get over it."

Obinna took an year to get over a break up.

"It took me one year to get over my first heartbreak."

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans sharing their heartbreak stories

"My first heartbreak, beshte yangu alinisomea constitution na iliniuma sana. Lakini nilirudi kwa soko instantly."

Chris Darlin Octane: I have not recuperate from my heartbreaks ..imagine kamene one after the other adi sahii i just feel like i dont deserve to live in this world anymore.

John Kioko: Personally I have never recovered. It's been almost 34 years. I forgave and moved on but I NEVER trust anyone. Even in my marriage I know I may one day wake up and loose everything because alone I was born ALONE I will die and ALONE I will face Judgement.

Ivee Edmonds:It has taken me 5 years to get over my first heartbreak ,the hardest part is that he left me with someone who looks exactly like him ..Today,5 years ago I gave birth to my precious human being Happy birthday Tyler.

Jayne Mut-honey:It took me 10yrs to 4get him completely ...now my big regret is allowing my self to live in a past for that so long. Mapenzi yakufie na uko.

John Asembi: I was in form one 1993...yes!!! but am yet to get over it ...still missing my class seven pupil.

Georgina Namans: It took me a year to heal and remained single for 2 years

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