Kenyans vote on who is best suited to replace Kanze Dena at State House

The current State House Spokesperson is former Citizen TV host Kanze Dena.

• Kanze has been the State House Spokesperson since 2018.

• She was appointed to the position by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Image: Poll results on who is best suited to replace Kanze Dena as the State House Spokes person. recently held a poll on who is best suited to replace Kanze Dena as the State House Spokesperson.

The debate was elicited by Kenyans online making jabs at Kanze saying she is about to be rendered jobless after William Ruto was sworn in as President.

Kanze was appointed as State House Spokesperson in 2018 after acting in the same capacity for three months.

The position was previously held by Manoah Esipisu. In the poll conducted by Mpasho, many of the commenters rooted for Hussein Mohamed.

The former Citizen TV news anchor was appointed Head of Communications in (then) Deputy President William Ruto's Presidential Campaign in January. 

Hussein announced his departure from the S.K Macharia owned media house in October 2019, after working at the station for 10 years.

Below are the official results.

Mpasho Poll results on who is best suited to replace Kanze Dena as State House Spokes Person.
Image: Courtesy.

Check out some of the reaction comments below;

@JanetMutuku254: When it comes to matters with profession, Betty is always serious and much concerned with what she is doing. Although i support Hussein, Betty is good too.

@KathurimaJoshua: Any other ATA kama ni Waititu. But Hussein Mohammed is a no. That man is a Jewel too expensive to indulge in lies of a spokesperson. How about a secretary to the cabinet.

@peter_m_i: LULU and HUSSEIN both have a far shot but coz of the gender issue, LULU could get it. The bottom 2 are highly rated celebrities. They should be hired on public gathering events like state funerals.

@dbeeksa: Hussein Mohamed , hao wengine ni comedians labda Lulu Hassan last option.

@odipo83: Hussein is the perfect person, Lulu is Citizen and citizen is Lulu, Do you get it?

biggyjymes: Hussein has done a good job already.

anerlisa: I Appreciate Betty Very Much but For This Job I Would Go For B: Hussein Mohammed.

g_e_n_e_r_a_l_i_: Hussein has done a splendid job. He deserves it.

jayjay98210: Betty anafanya nini hapa?

mikxacimel.k: Ati betty labda spokesperson wa fashion ama Nairobi diaries.

Who would you have voted for?

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