Huddah Monroe & Juma Jux dating rumour was just clout- Confirms socialite

Huddah Monroe likened her relationship with Tanzanian musician Juma Jux to Raila's failure.

• Huddah and Juma Jux dating rumours started flying earlier in the year after they were spotted getting cosy in a trip in South Africa.

• They were clout chasing to promote a project.

Huddah said her and Juma Jux were not dating, he was just a project
Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux Huddah said her and Juma Jux were not dating, he was just a project

 The Kenyan beauty mogul and socialite Huddah Monroe just revealed that her relationship with Bongo artist Juma Jux was just a ruse and never anything serious.

The topic arose when a curious netizen asked the trendy socialite what had happened with Tanzanian musician Juma Jux as the two had not been seen together for a long while.

In her Q&A box, the netizen posed the question " Juma Jux ako aje?" Curious to know how Jux was doing.

To which the budding entrepreneur revealed that the two were just clout chasing, she did not get into details as to why but the popular opinion among netizens was they were doing it to market Juma Jux's new song and drive traffic to the artist.

Huddah responded saying, " kama Raila. Ilikuwa tu project na iliisha ( it was just a project and it ended.)"

Huddah said her and Juma Jux were just a project and it's over now
Huddah Monroe Huddah said her and Juma Jux were just a project and it's over now
Image: Instagram

Rumors that the two were dating started flying early this year after they were spotted getting all cozy on a trip in South Africa.

The two fooled the whole world with their ruse with even Tanzanian gossip king, Juma Lokole, claiming that Juma Jux was dumped by his girlfriend because of Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe.

Speaking while appearing on Wasafi Media on Monday, June 6th, Lokole alleged that Juma's girlfriend packed her bags after Juma took Huddah to his home where she has been living with the singer.

He said this to Diva the Bawse an employee of Diamond's.

"Remember that girl Jux has been living within his lavish mansion. Let me refresh your memory. Juma Jux has been living with a girl, and I know because we go to the same gym.

 So during this year's Valentine, Jux had a huge surprise for a girl he kept gushing about. A dark-skinned girl with beautiful legs. Have you seen how beautiful she is? And that girl resembles Vanessa Mdee because even during that time, Jux shared pictures and we all thought it was Vanessa." Lokole said. 

According to Lokole, Jux had convinced the girlfriend that his relationship with Huddah was strictly business, even telling her that Huddah will appear in his music video.

"Jux amezama kwenye wimbi wa mahaba-he is immersed in a wave of love."

Turns out it was just a clout-chasing project.

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