• Vanessa Mdee broke up with Jux three years ago.

• Huddah and Jux have been spending time together that has elicited dating rumors.

Huddah and Jux have kissing photos and she si gloating
jux and huddah kiss Huddah and Jux have kissing photos and she si gloating

On the big Sunday live segment on Wasafi TV, yesterday, June 12th, Juma Jux was put on the spot about all the women he has dated and is currently dating.

Reacting to a picture of Huddah Monroe and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee, aka Vee Money on the screen, Ju was asked to say who he prefers.

"To be honest they are all beautiful and amazing in their own way. Wasichana wote ni pisi ni wazuri hapa. Vanessa is beautiful, Huddah, she is beautiful too. You want me to choose who is more beautiful? "

Lil Ommy confirmed in the affirmative.

Jux said, "They are both beautiful, they each have their plus/benefits in different ways."

Lil Ommy wasn't convinced and asked Jux to rate them in percentage.

Jux said, "Waah, they all have their plus, kuna vitu wamezidiana. There are things I love about each of them individually, kitu ninavyo penda kwa Huddah, kuna vitu ninavyo penda kwa Vee."

What specific things do he like about Huddah vis a vis Vanessa? Jux struggled to answer saying, "O.k to make it short tuu, I will give Huddah 56 percent."

Jux was also asked to pick his best ex-girlfriend between Jackline Wolper and Jackie Cliff.

"Eh, who was the better ex?  Where do you want me to do this?  Do I have to choose? Dah! This is a difficult one men, This is so difficult because kila hatua napitia kwa maisha yangu each one is important, But if I were to chose I would say it was Wolper. I will never forget my ex-Wolper. "

Jux also revealed the body shape that he likes, explaining, "I like between models and socialites. I like slim-thick. Not too big, not too small sana yani awe ni mdogo lakini nyama kidogo pia zipo. Sitaki msichana an kitambi."

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