Singer Wahu speaks about weight gain during third pregnancy

Wahu recently said she has had to remind herself of things she had forgotten as a mum.

• Singer Wahu has added 18 kg in her third pregnancy.

• Wahu joked about how big her nose had also increased

Singer Wahu speaks about weight gain during third pregnancy
Singer Wahu speaks about weight gain during third pregnancy
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Singer Wahu says she has added 18 Kg during her third pregnancy.

Speaking on a live session with her husband Nameless, the mother of two told Nameless that she currently weighs 83Kg.

Nameless has been away for a US tour and Wahu was updating him on some of the changes he will find back home.

"I have changed just so you know before you come back. I have added like 18kg, I am not 83 Kg. Like what is that?" she joked.

"Don't funnily look at me. I am happy about this pregnancy. I am happy about my backside. I have added some weight there."

Nameless lovingly responded to her that he is okay with the weight.

"I will not be surprised."

Sharing his experience in the US, Nameless said the tour was also meant to unwind and learn new things from different people.

"We need to study other people's cultures and why certain people do their things that way. I am hoping to share some of the things I have learned."

Nameless also hinted that he has a push gift for his wife apart from what their fans gave him to take home.

"There are guys who have sent me gifts and I loved it."

The couple said they have not yet checked on the gender of their child.

Recently, Wahu said she would be okay with any gender.

"I am happy to receive whoever God gives me. I am just honored to be here again."

In yet another post Wahu explained how excited she was when she was expecting her first child.

She said the excitement made her start buying maternity wear immediately after she found out she was pregnant.

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