• Akothee brags that she is the top earning artist in Kenya.

• The mother of 5 says it will cost you Sh2 million for her to perform at your event.

Akothee smiling
Image: Instagram

In case you are looking to hire Akothee for an event be it private or a concert, be ready to cough up to Sh 2 million.

Speaking to Presenter Ali, Madam Boss who had previously said she charges Sh1.5M per show now says that her rate card stands at 20,000 dollars which is a little over KSh 2M. She says she charges that much because she brings value.

Just like Breeder LW, Akothee has said 'bei ya jana si ya leo' 

"I wouldn't lie to you but I think I am the number one earning artist in Kenya right now," bragged Akothee.

Reacting to the people who have time and again dismissed her as a worthy role model to them or their kids, the mother of five said that she doesn't need to carry other people's burdens.

Akothee says all that matters is she has raised 5 responsible kids.

"You see me not actually being a role model to someone, I'm only responsible to five children that I gave birth to which I am proud to say that my children are well behaved even more than me, because I gave them a proper foundation," Akothee said.

She then added, When people say Akothee can't be my role model I mean please start by your mother, follow your mom and do and articulate the things that your mother does."

She reminded such people that they found her online and that they neither know nothing about her journey nor her destination or even the route she is taking. She asked them to refrain from copying whatever she does blindly.

"I am a role model because most women associate with my story. My story is a living testimony and I am one of the artists who don't do show-offs, I don't do scandals if they catch me they catch me as a human being because life is for the living!" Added Akothee.

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