• The comedian addressed rumors he is dating actress Keranta.

• Flaqo also said he is focussing more on content creation right now.

Content creator Flaqo is single and ready for your DM's girls. Shoot your shot. In an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Flaqo laughed at his current status.

Flaqo told Vincent he is tickled at being single because of a previous terrible experience.

"I'm not dating c'mon wasee *laughing* people I'm not dating. Actually I have been single.  I was given character development by a chick,  dame fulani weuh. The bit I've been single since that time. I've realized being single actually helps you focus more on creativity."

There are rumors in the streets that he dates actress Keranta. Is there any truth to it?

"By the way why Keranta. I'm like her management, and actually, people will see from the announcement soon, coz it's not just Keranta kuna even other actresses. Just that people see me a lot hanging out with Keranta."

Flaqo added about being romantically associated  with her that

"Wasee doesn't see I  hang out a lot with which females and Keranta is part of our creative team, so they assume and what could be happening here people don't see who I hang around so they just assume. People will soon see plus others I hang around, So I'm single  hizo kiki hapana, ladies can DM me anytime."

Despite taking a break to deal with his mental health, Flaqo has seen success. He spoke about his financial goals being achieved.

"Usanii pays, plus I'm real and true and I take life easy.  Unacheki, I'm that guy who likes to stay real. I mean have you ever seen me post I'm driving a car? I'm that guy that entertainer, I'm  not here to flex on anybody ati what car I'm driving."

He addressed people saying he bragged about making 20 million shillings during covid times.

"What I meant that time is that it is a rough estimate. I  make money but I have a large team to pay, i have invested in equipment."

Why doesn't he clout chase like other celebs?

"I  clout chase it's just in a different way than Kenyans are used to seeing. Mi husema, content creators are also clout chasers but mine is not to abuse others or quarreling or doing clapbacks. This is not my domain, I'm a clout chaser but I do it differently."

He added, "People say I've achieved a lot but I look at myself and say where? but we thank God, I  look at the bigger picture, and as much as I appreciate any step I've made it doesn't get to my head. I wake up every day like I didn't achieve anything yesterday."

Flaqo is looking to do international collabo's and that expansion is in the process. 

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