Why Zari Hassan is set for a visit to Kenya

• Zari Hassan is set to visit Kenya for the second time.

• Zari asked her Kenyan fans to join her as they party together on Thurdsay this week.

in a file photo
Zari Hassan in a file photo

Diamond's baby Mama Zari Hassan has announced she is visiting Kenya this week.

Zari through her social media said she will be attending an all-white party at the XS Millionaires club on Thursday. 

Zari asked her Kenyan fans to join her as they party together.

"All the ballers in Nairobi get ready for an all white experience at XS Millionaires club in Nairobi this Thursday 9th June. I will be attending with other ballers, come lets pop champagne together. See you on Thursday at XS millionaires club."

Zari a added that she excited about her trip in Kenya.

"Looking forward to revealing a mega mansion design. Am excited about my upcoming trip to Nairobi soon! Catch up with me and @fine_urban_co_interiors_ltd as we reveal an exquisite grand mega mansion. I love their amazing work and can’t wait to be there to see it for myself.You don’t want to miss this!"

Zari was in Kenya was on May 2018 for the Colour Purple Concert held at Nairobi’s Uhuru Gardens. The event was for women empowerment and cancer awareness.

During the visit, Zari the Boss Lady participated in two remarkable events as a way of giving back to the society.

She visited St. Daniels Comboni Primary School located in Korogocho slums in Nairobi to give out free Sanitary towels to pupils at the school.

"Afternoon well spent at Kayole women's health centre in Nairobi. If there is anything you can donate for expectant mothers kindly do. The facility needs more facilitation... Thank you for having me tonight. What an amazing time!!!"

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