Pritty Vishy speaks after daring man begged her to marry him

Pritty Vishy was indifferent to the man's marriage proposal

• Pritty Vishy wasn't entertaining the appeals by the man identified as Edward Karanja.

• It is said that Edward Karanja might have lost his job at a certain college after the marriage proposal went viral.

Pritty Vishy smiling
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Stivo Simple Boy's ex, Pritty Vishy, has responded to a proposal by a certain man who had asked for her hand in marriage.

The lady was unapologetic in rejecting the man's offer stating that she wanted a man who 'drives,' so she couldn't accept his proposal.

"The man whose name is Edward Karanja had gone around town with a placard that read, "To PRITTY VISHY. I a tired of waiting for you Pritty Vishy."


"I love you so much babe, come and take my heart. Eddy loves you," before proceeding to give his number."

Pritty Vishy's response
Image: Instagram

Vishy's refusal will come as no shock to anyone who knows her considering her earlier declaration that her bride price stands at Sh 2 million.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko a few weeks ago, Vishy insisted that she wasn't interested in cows as part of her bride price and told her suitors to use the money to buy her a car instead.

Vishy then justified her price tag by saying that she feels she brings a lot to the table. 

“As long as you know your worth, you set your standards, imagine sio pesa mingi… qualities zangu ni mzito mzito, hata mimi mwenyewe ni mzito. Najua kupika, najua kukanda…. vitu mingi nikianza kutaja hapa sitamaliza,” she claimed.

Meanwhile, Edward's stunt has come at a price as initial reports are stating that he might have lost his job at Jodan College of Technology in Thika.

According to a report in, Edward was fired on the same day that his plea to Pritty went viral.

The firing has devasted him and he is pleading with the institution to give him his job back. But despite all that he hasn't given up on the hope of marrying Pritty.

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