Harmonize gifts Kajala customised no. plates for her 2 Range Rovers

Harmonize spent 5 million on Kajala's customized number plates

• Harmonize had earlier bought Kajala 2 Range Rovers when asking for her forgiveness. 

• He also bought her a gold chain and put up a billboard asking for forgiveness.

in the past
Harmonize and Kajala in the past
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Tanzanian musician, Harmonize has gifted Kajala customissed number plates for her two Range Rovers.

He took to his socials to flaunt the plates saying he was just a hustler who loves treating his woman right. "Here we go babe, Tanzanians . 5 million for her name only Love you, baby."

Frida Kajala recently revealed why she forgave the singer while sharing a quote on her Insta Stories highlighting the importance of forgiveness.

The quote by Stephan Labossiere read, "Forgiveness isn’t saying what they did was ok, it’s just saying you won’t hold onto that negative energy any longer."

Early this week, Harmonize revealed that Kajala and he are now hitting the gym together and spending time working out every day.

He described her as his source of motivation. Harmonize and Kajala had a dramatic breakup in April 2021 after dating for less than three months.

After their breakup last year, Kajala blocked Harmonize on all platforms.

Harmonize then dated an Australian girlfriend until the end of last year when they ended their relationship.

According to Harmonize, the Australian girlfriend Brianna didn't want to settle in Tanzania and the singer was tired of a long-distance relationship.

It was after the breakup that Harmonize launched a bid to reconcile and win Kajala back. Harmonize said although he has been doing good music and breaking records, he isn't happy.

"I am just trying to express how I feel. Being a celebrity doesn't change anything, I am a real G, I'm a Rasta, I'm a gangster from the ghetto. I am human and I go through a lot," he said.

"It's been a year since we separated after some issues. I have been cool but I feel I am not happy."

Harmonize said although he got himself a beautiful woman after Kajala, he still wanted her back.

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