My wife! Harmonize declares hinting that he's back with Kajala

Harmonize's comment leaves many wondering whether he has reconciled with Kajala

• Newly unblocked Harmonize made a bold declaration about Tanzanian actress, Frida Kajala.

• Harmonize and Kajala had only dated for 2 months before they broke up after allegations Harmonize had tried to seduce her daughter.

in a file photo
Harmonize with Kajala in a file photo
Image: Instagram

There are rumours doing the rounds on the internet that Harmonize and his ex-beau, Frida Kajala might be back together again.

These rumours have spread after Kajala's most recent Instagram post where she a  photo of herself with the caption;

"I mind my own business & talk to God a lot…"

And who came rolling in the comments section? The one and only...Mr. Harmonize himself.

His comment couldn't be more direct if one tried, to be exact, "Tanzania Number one Actress Harmonize Wife & Manager."

That wasn't the only post the Mwanza singer wrote. In another longer one, he praised Kajala for making him a 'good boy' once again.

"Thanks for motivation wife, 23 minutes every day feels like noting, You've made me a supportive man and a good boy again. Can't wait to work out together," he said after sharing a video at the gym.

in the past
Harmonize and Kajala in the past
Image: Courtesy

The muscled singer's lovely words come a few days after the actress unblocked him on Instagram after his relentless begging for her to forgive him.

In April last month the man even spent 12million Tanzanian shillings to put up a billboard for her.

“I used almost 12 million on the billboard and its gonna be there for 6 months. And if you ask me the reason, is that our situation is very crazy but I believe If God allows us to be together again, it’s going to be one of the most inspiring relationships. Seeing her and me get back together, is something I’m wishing for, and I know, when I look at the situation it was so horrible but that is in the past. We are going to inspire a lot of people if we ever get back together.

“I really wish she comes back and I pray to God every day for that to happen because I can’t pretend anymore,” Harmonize confessed in an interview.

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has disclosed that he used Sh595, 344 (Tsh 12 million), to put a huge billboard begging his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala to take him.

Let's not forget that Kajala and Harmonize’s relationship lasted for only two months in 2021 before she dumped him on grounds that he was also seducing her daughter, Paula Kajala.

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