Omosh opens up on whether Kanyari's prayer worked for him

Omosh has been praying for work and to be paid well

•Omosh has responded to doubting thomases saying his falling was not an act

•Omosh was very inspired and touched at Kanyari's sermon

Comedian Omosh with Pastor Kanyari
Comedian Omosh with Pastor Kanyari
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Ex Tahidi High actor, Omosh, has opened up about how he found himself at Pastor Kanyari's church that led to a viral video of demons being cast out.

The video surfaced on Monday May 23rd, where Kanyari Pray for Omosh before the actor falls down.

He admitted he went to the church after his friend asked him to accompany him to the church.

"I've always given my life to Christ. I just went there (Kanyari) for prayers."

Omosh has responded to doubting Thomases saying his falling was not an act. He insists it was real.

"I had gone to take my bestfriend to church coz hehad asked me if I would take him to church so I told him there is no problem I will take you to church. I also agreed to go because sometimes my friend comes to my base so why wouldn't I support my friend by not going to this church?"

Omosh described how he fell without being prompted by the preacher

"I didn't even know i was going to Kanyaris church. So once we were in church, people were asked, do we have any visitors? Ah so because I was new in that church i lifted my hand up to show I was a visitor. Suddenly i found myself att he front of the church tukaenda ohh, people started sharing their problems, abcd, aie Kanyari looked at me and said eish Omosh kumbe you have also come to my church. I replied and told him yeah I have come to listen to your summon and it has impressed me."

Omosh was very inspired and touched by Kanyari's sermon

"He was talking of stories of the alter, yani the way God communicates through the alter. of which the alter is not a thing to joke about, sio ya kuchezea. that's what I believe and i know because I am a Christina. So the topic was so nice so he noticed me and said oh Omosh you have come fit sana? I said yes."

Omosh insisted he is not possessed by demons and he is actually a very spiritual guy.

"So I have read that people said i had gone for the devil to be cast out of me. Me sina peopo. So the guy was praying for my career so hat it can expand . The prayers were so good. I wish the guy taking the video had audio. for people to hear the sermon. There was nothing about casting demons out. But yu guys saw me falling (in the video) About falling? That's one thing I cant tell you about I cant narrate it, I don't know what happened Ok initially I have always thought people pretend to fall down when demons are being cast, so i guess that's why people said I was acting, but let me tell you there is power in prayers. I don't know what happened, but I fell I found myself on the floor nilienda hadi nikafika, and that guy ( Kanyari) was just hitting my forehead I don't know if he was hitting me hard I don't recall. Whenhe was praying for me, I was also in my own deep prayers. Me I just found myself falling, nikienda. So I heard people say I was acting, but it isn't true One thing about me, I am a Christina and i cannot play with the word of God. To me I know and I beleive there was some power there. So take it or leave it, they will judge me regardless, we kaa na shida yako. Stay with your judgement, don't tell me about me and my God."

Omosh believes the prayer worked miracles for him

"Usually I am a very prayerful person I go for midday prayers alone in church tuu, thanking God you never know about tomorrow so people can talk, but me I will walk with my head held high. because I believe there was a touch from God."

Has he felt any changes since the video and prayer moment?

"Sometimes let me tell you God is is God. God can answer your prayer immediately but God can delay also your payers. but he will fulfil whatever you prayed for. I feel better since the video, I feel like God answered my prayer I think God gave me a touch. Whatever I prayed for has been answered"

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